The suitcase of VR firefighting

Heavy smoke, low visibility, oppressive heat and a high risk; the smoke has a yellowish-brown colour. This indicates toxins and requires a careful approach. While exploring the area, you scan the possible risks and proceed decisively. Do you opt for an offensive inside deployment or a defensive outside deployment? Together with your team you extinguish the fire, eliminate the risks and create a safe situation. With sweat on your forehead and tension in your muscles, you take off your VR glasses and step back into the real world. Get ready for endless practice hours in risky situations, because with Flashover we train the untrainable with a VR suitcase. 


Our plug & play suitcase of VR firefighting makes it possible to train firefighting wherever and whenever. You can bring it to any location, choose your simulation, connect the 4 VR headsets and get equipped with the 2 real-life nozzles. With Flashovers VR firefighting you train as you fight. Have you ever thought about network connection while fighting fire? No, right? That’s why we have an integrated Wi-Fi router so you can completely focus on your training. The 2 nozzles are enriched with sensors to make your training as realistic as possible and with just small movements the nozzle will adjust the amount of spray. Flashover makes it possible to elevate the training of firefighting to a higher, safer and a more environmentally friendly level.


After completing the firefighting simulation, you can review the training through the built-in screen in the case. With the ‘after-action module’ you can learn from your choices, reinforce tactical insights and analyse the situation from start to finish. Changing firefighter training by using VR will gain you more experience in situations you can simply not practise in real-life. Our team of experts, programmers and designers will turn theoretical situations into VR-reality. In this fast-moving world we will keep you up to date with new scenarios and the possibility to submit your own. Are you ready to start training with Flashovers VR suitcase?