70,000 hectares of nature were destroyed by a forest fire in Spain in the first half of 2022. Due to climate change we are increasingly facing large wildfires, soon also in countries where this has never been an issue. Spanish firefighters can ‘extinguish’ a wildfire without using a single drop of water; this shows how much we can learn from each other. With Flashover we can share our knowledge and start training as one. You’re not just stepping into a VR reality where you can train the untrainable, you are also stepping into a community of firefighters that helps and learns from each other in a rapidly changing world. 


Flashover is a member-owned community, this means you can submit your own scenarios.  You decide the features and the content. Our team of programmers and designers turn it into a VR-reality, all audited by firefighting experts. Start training to fight wildfires already and learn from your fellow firefighters who have been doing that for years, simply by exchanging modules with other firefighting brigades. Each brigade faces different situations and therefore has its own expertise, let’s learn from one another by exchanging that knowledge and experience through VR. 


The VR-suitcase is not just a suitcase filled with a real-life nozzle and headsets; it is a suitcase that is filled with new experiences to share and modules to learn from. Every three months we come together to determine our roadmap. We take a look at our achievements, the progress we want to make and the feedback we received. With the help of our members Flashover continues to evolve and fill the VR-suitcase with endless real-life training possibilities.