Realistic firefighting scenarios

What if you didn’t have to pay thousands of dollars to train multiple firefighters in different Realistic firefighting scenarios? That would not only save a lot of money, but it would allow more firefighters to be trained in realistic settings. Experience isn’t something you can easily come by as a firefighter, let alone having the setup to train scenarios that concern gas leaks or any other dangerous situation. To further refine the experience of firefighters, Flashover offers a solution to the ‘train as you fight’ scenario challenge, with a VR suitcase that you can use anytime, anywhere.

Real or realistic training?

Flashover is a Virtual Reality training experience in real-time. This means that the smoke, fire and water inside the simulation realistically represent the way it would behave in real-time. The biggest difference is that firefighters can train these scenarios safely and quickly. A team of firefighting experts is part of the crew that created Flashover. This is a continuous process in which scenarios and training are being updated to match all the current and future rules in firefighting. That is why Flashover offers a realistic experience to its users.

Create your own scenario

One of the most exciting parts of Realistic firefighting scenarios in VR is that the trainees get to create their own scenario. All of the necessary parts to create an environment to train in can be found in the VR suitcase that Flashover provides. You can train with up to 4 firefighters in the same simulation. Furthermore, you can use any location. This means that the suitcase is equipped to be taken anywhere, anytime and set up any training to ensure the firefighters are at their best when taking on dangerous scenarios.