Fire, Smoke & Water Simulation

Simulation has come a long way since the first flight simulator in 1921. Or any simulator before the handheld VR glasses we have today. It doesn’t look like real-life (yet), but it does have the ability to feel real. Computers are strong enough to calculate physics as they would apply to earth. What does this mean? Simulations can give a realistic representation of how objects react to each other in the realm of Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR). Especially when it comes to training firefighting. Flashover uses this technology to enable any firefighter to train in every possible scenario.

Essential for realistic scenarios
The principle of how fire, smoke and water react is different in a lot of scenarios. But it is the same for the same scenario. As a firefighter you need to be prepared for anything, so being able to train that realistically gives you the tools to do so. Basic firefighting training has this handled, but can’t physically prepare you for everything. Flashover provides a VR-suitcase to do exactly that. Show their users what any situation is like with the correct fire, smoke and water simulation. 

Generated per environment

The computer and software inside the suitcase provide everything the simulation needs. A form of artificial intelligence is capable of generating modular fire, smoke and water behavior depending on the environment. Every aspect of firefighting is incorporated into Flashover to ensure that a user can train anywhere at any time. It enables up to 4 users to train in Flashover within the same simulation. The only thing you need is the suitcase with you and an environment to train in. No need for anything else, the suitcase is self sufficient. That means no internet, wifi or batteries are needed.

Curious about Flashover?

You can be part of the revolutionary VR-suitcase that will enable firefighters to train the untrainable. Book your free demo with one of our experts and help get set up for your first VR firefighting mission.