Experts and Programmers made a Firefighting VR suitcase

In the past Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) haven’t really been up to par with the real world enough to give a realistic representation. This has changed drastically in the last couple of years, where now the computers being made are way above capacity to do just that. They can now give simulations a realistic approach and make it worthwhile to train in. This is why Flashover was made by programmers and experts from the firefighting industry. Because the technology is more than ready.

Challenges in modern firefighting training

Let’s get right into it; training in 100% realistic environments is impossible. It is too costly and has a huge impact on the environment. CO2 emission would be too great as well as all the different scenarios that are just too dangerous to train in real life. Fire training prohibits working hazardous substances, so the only way to give insight currently is theoretical. VR technology takes all these challenges head on and makes it possible to train any scenario anywhere.

Firefighting training for any scenario
This is where Flashover comes in, because all those challenges can be met by a realistic representation. From the behavior of gas or smoke to the way water reacts to fire. Hazardous substances and the way to handle them can be trained. This is the future of firefighting simulation, deciding what you need to train and then training it. Which is the ambition of the Flashover team with the VR suitcase. Right now you decide what you want to train and the team of experts, designers and programmers make it a reality.